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Executive summary This report provides an overview of Blackmores Vitamin C facial cream in aspect of product, place, promotion and price. Blackmores Vitamin C cream is a skincare product which target at female adults who are age 25-40, living in Australia urban area. Vitamin C facial cream is a convenience product, using family brand. In place, Blackmores will use retailer channel as distribution channel and intensive distribution to reach the customers. In promotion, Blackmores Vitamin C Facial Cream will focus on two goals including informative promotion and persuasive promotion. As well as, social media and television will be used to advertise on Blackmores Vitamin C Facial Cream. In price, the pricing objective is profit-oriented pricing…show more content…
It stated that marketing several different product under the same brand name(Lamb et al., 2016,p. 128).By using the family brand , customers can compare the product with others same collection, and find the benefits from the product. Blackmores has dietary supplement product as well as vitamin c facial cream. 2.4 Packaging The product is packaged in a tube with a cardboard box for physical protection. According to Lamb et al (2016), one of the major functions of packaging is to protect the product from damage during delivery (p. 130). The cardboard packaging can be recycled which can reduce the pollution to the environment. Furthermore, the product information will be on the package, such as the brand name, logo, integrity, instruction and barcode number. 2.5 Development Process Systems of defined steps and tasks such as strategy, organization, concept generation, marketing plan creation, evaluation, and commercialization of a new product. It is a cycle by means of which an innovation firm routinely converts ideas into commercially viable goods or services (The United States Pharmacopeial Convention,…show more content…
305). 3.0 Place 3.1 Channel Structure Lamb et al. (2016) stated that marketing channel is a path or way for the product or service so that the business can engage with the prospect and the customer (p. 163). Blackmores will use retailer channel as distribution channel. A retailer channel is one where the producer sells directly to a retailer, who then sells the producer 's product to the end consumer which contains only one intermediary (Lamb et al., 2016, p. 167). It provides additional value to the customers in the form of product and service mixes to entice the customer to buy from them rather than the individual supplier. 3.2 Factors affecting channel choice There are three factors affecting channel choice including market factors, product factors and producer factors. Blackmores will choose channel based on the market factors. According to Lamb et al., (2016), the type of customers has an important impact on the choice of a channel of distribution. The target market of Blackmores Vitamin C facial cream is female adults as female adults are more likely to shop in the supermarket and pharmacy which are the intermediary used by

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