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Bishop’s In the Waiting Room forces the reader to view the world through the eyes of young Elizabeth. “The moment is a coming of age, but without any of the social ballasts required for a seven-year-old child, however precocious” (Lensing, 1992). A brilliant piece of literature, the cultural awakening that Elizabeth experiences, through the exposure of the photos in National Geographic and through her surroundings, is captivating. Like Bishop’s visual artistry, her poetic artistry captivates the reader. Her words through In the Waiting Room paint a picture of human-kind and subtly coax the reader into thinking about one’s place in the world. Written in prose, In the Waiting Room is a story of self-discovery and a journey to understand humankind.…show more content…
Bishop’s early years were quite difficult. Her mother suffered from serious mental illness. After her father’s death and her mother’s inability to care for her, she went to live with her Grandparents in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her father’s parents in Massachusetts believed that Elizabeth would fare better with them due to their financial standing and the educational resources available. “Under their guardianship, Bishop was sent to the elite Walnut Hills School for Girls and to Vassar College (Poetry Foundation, n.d). The experiences of Bishop’s youth are reflected in her poetry through themes of “...struggl[ing] to find a sense of belonging, and the human experiences of grief and longing. (Poetry Foundation,…show more content…
Why should you be one, too? (Bishop, 1979). This is a significant message. Understanding humankind is important for personal and professional growth. Ms. Bishop makes it clear through Elizabeth that we are all a part of humankind but where is our place? As a professional understanding the nuances of what makes people driven to succeed is imperative. Each human is different. It is recognizing those differences that help today’s professional to know where they will “fit” in their career goals. It also allows one to be aware of what it takes to succeed in their respected field. Through an understanding of both humankind and human nature, one is more apt to be

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