Analysis Of Big Brother Isn T Watching You

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Big Brother isn’t watching you
On Thursday the 4th of August 2011 the police shot and killed 29-year old Mark Duggan. Police had acted under the Trident operation that investigated gun violence in the black community. Policemen had shot under the assumption that Duggan was armed. However, this is even today still questionable. This lack of information before action by the police resulted in a series of riots in London between the 6th to the 11th of August. During the riots police lost control over the city where thousands of protesters destroyed and looted the streets of London. This assignment will analyze and comment on Russell Brand’s article “Big Brother isn’t watching you” from 2011. The assignment will focus on Brand’s style and on his
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Early in Brand’s experience with the show an incident happened which resulted in three contestants being thrown off. However, the event is unknown since it was never shown on TV; producers edited it out and other participants weren’t allowed to discuss its existence. A hard thing to do as Brand also states by quoting a British general: “You cannot rouse the animal in man then expect it to be put aside at a moment's notice.” Indirectly through the quote Brand explains why so many young people participated in the riots; they simply couldn’t contain the anger brought forth by the shooting. The quote also explains the title’s meaning. When the incident happened on Big Brother the producers quickly forbid it from escalating. However, this didn’t happen under the riots; there wasn’t anyone making it seem like the shooting never happened. So Brand concludes sort of sarcastic that Big Brother wasn’t…show more content…
Russell Brand’s background is to some extent the same has theirs. “I have been arrested for criminal damage for my part in anti-capitalist protest… I often attended protests.” It shows his target group, the rioters, that he isn’t just writing based on assumptions but opposite from personal experiences. Brand therefore knows what he is writing about and by that he gains the trust of his target group. His background is doubtless the reason why he wrote the article thus making him the right person to develop
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