Analysis Of Bernie Sanders Guide To Political Revolution

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Part A Millennials: the familiar target of pretence and prejudice, but holders of the future nonetheless. Whether older generations like it or not, they no longer keep hold of the nation’s political reins. A generation of progressive thinkers, millennials are not looking to work with the cards dealt. Through the development of the 2016 election, the young voters chose US Senator Bernie Sanders as their instrument in reshuffling the whole deck. Even after losing the democratic primary, Sanders remained the winning candidate in the hearts of many. Writing to his dedicated young followers, Sanders’ Guide to Political Revolution is a persuasive and informative piece constructed nearly entirely on statistics and ethical appeals. In the work, he…show more content…
One point that Sanders maintains is that a livable wage will reduce the reliance on tax-funded public assistance. He cites UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education to share that “from 2009 to 2011, taxpayers spent nearly $153 billion each year subsidizing companies that pay workers inadequate wages” (Sanders 9). With this argument, he brings the shock factor of the statistic: $153 billion dollars that could have stayed in taxpayer wallets. Not only is it a factual statement, but it appeals to the common value of one’s hard earned money. Nobody wants to give up what they earned to compensate for what big corporations could have afforded to subsidize themselves. With this being the structure of most of his arguments, Sanders establishes additional credibility beyond his experience as a senator. The assertions and subsequent justifications show that his ideas are well thought out and based on definitive research and the consideration of masses over personal interest (unlike another presidential candidate). Altogether, Sanders uses the piece to further inform his followers and keep them in his corner. Even if Bernie Sanders is not the candidate at stake, the education he provides through his work allows young progressives to vote wisely to keep their…show more content…
While Bernie Sanders disagrees with American outsourcing, I cannot. Sanders’ argument focuses generally on American jobs, claiming that “We have been losing millions of jobs as a direct result of our disastrous trade policies … We must do everything possible to stop companies from outsourcing jobs” (44). While perhaps low-skill manufacturing jobs are gone, macroeconomics proves that the increased economic efficiency outweighs the initial unemployment. The outsourcing of low-skill labor allows national economic focus on high skill labor outputs. This situation allows the for price of exports to go up and keeps the costs of imports low - a favorable condition for the growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With increase in the value of GDP, macroeconomic law correlates a decrease in unemployment: a 3% decrease for every 1% of GDP growth. Along with its impact on job growth, the focus on high skill labor is also imperative to our perpetuation as a leading industrial nation. While Sanders states that outsourcing discourages “the creation of decent paying jobs in America” (44), the commissioning of low-skill jobs makes more room for decent paying high-skill jobs. With more room for engineers, innovators, and creators, American workers can continue building forward. Why stay stagnant when we can progress? Isn’t progress the basis for Bernie Sanders’ political thesis ? In conclusion, while his
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