Analysis Of Beloved By Toni Morrison

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African American literature is literature written about the experiences that African Americans have gone through and their culture in history. This type of literature tends to focus on themes concerning the role of African Americans within society itself and issues of African American culture, equality, slavery, freedom, and racism. Beloved by Toni Morrison describes how one woman’s escape from slavery leads to enslavement of her spirit. In order to truly be free, Sethe and the other characters discover that they must release memories of the past or they will remain haunted by it. The effects of slavery fed the emotions of every character in the novel because it is not something a person can forget. Morrison shows the challenges of going through…show more content…
Due to Morrison’s style of writing, authentic black language is captured allowing the readers to be able to see and hear what the characters are doing. An example of the narrative capturing what the characters are doing is, “Mister was allowed to be and stay what he was. But I wasn 't allowed to be and stay what I was. Even if you cooked him you 'd be cooking a rooster named Mister. But wasn 't no way I 'd ever be Paul D again, living or dead. Schoolteacher changed me. I was something else and that something was less than a chicken sitting in the sun on a tub,” (72). The narrative and illustration Morrison uses gives voice to the African American culture provides the readers with the perspective of what it was like to be a slave. This style also includes the use of metaphors and the use of descriptions to bring images to life because the African language is full of metaphors and imagery, sight and sound. The use of metaphors brought the dialogue to life for example, “I didn 't see her but a few times out in the fields and once when she was working indigo. By the time I woke up in the morning, she was in line. If the moon was bright they worked by its light. Sunday she slept like a stick,” (60). This quote focuses more on the metaphors and imagery side of the novel, but it allows the readers to take in what these slaves were going through and what it was like to be one. Morrison mirrors the African American culture which allows the challenges faced to be transformed into an epic journey through
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