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Boasting its diversity, the United States is home to several ethnic backgrounds, making it the “melting pot” it was known for. Among those many cultures, the United States has regions that have developed a culture of its own: conservatives who live in the South, religious folk residing in the country, surfers who live near the beaches, and what not. One destination in particular that seemingly projected appreciation towards many individuals is Belmont Shore of Long Beach, California. Located along the west coast, Belmont shore is a location that attracts those from the streets of Los Angeles to those of the harbors of Newport in Orange County. With the establishment of this historic setting, Belmont Shore continues to maintain a unique cultural …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the united states is home to several ethnic backgrounds, making it the melting pot it was known for. belmont shore, located along the west coast, maintains a unique cultural identity.
  • Explains that belmont shore of long beach has the perfect location that is easily reached from any direction.
  • Analyzes how belmont shore's businesses provide a socio-economic standard for this section in long beach. the people who live near second street appear to be high-middle class themselves.
  • Explains that belmont shore's business community is a melting pot of diverse cultures.
  • Analyzes how belmont shore, on second street of long beach, california, reflects the modern american lifestyle distinctive of the united states history.

Because Belmont Shore was built on the idea of businesses serving the needs of the community, its “culture and production are related, the advocacy of a different system of production is in some way a cultural directive, indicating not only a way of life but,” a representation of its own society. The people who live near Second Street appear to be high-middle class themselves. With the exception of the homeless, it is safe to make this assumption because of the lifestyle reflected upon Belmont Shore. Living near the ocean is extremely expensive due to luxury, and the conditions of the homes around the neighborhood appear to be well kept and renovated nicely to keep up with modern fashion. Knowing this, it would be costly to live near and in Belmont Shore; however, culture alike lifestyle, “must be finally interpreted in relation to its underlying system of production”. With the types of businesses that are run, the shops attract those among the age group of twenty years and up: working class. There are pubs and bars, there are diners and restaurants, but very little entertainment except for the company of friends. All of the factors ranging from how Belmont Shore makes money and to the individuals who need it are reflective in its distinctiveness as a territory known for recreation and urban seaside …show more content…

From its geographic location, socio-economic background, and cultural expressions, this little neighborhood expresses the “mellow” aspect of surf, shopping, and living in the shadow of American culture. The Christmas parades and other various events held annually, along with the many shops that describe commercial success perfectly encircles both history of Belmont Shore and very well represents what it takes to be an outstanding American

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