Analysis Of Beautiful Child By Torey Hayden

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The nonfiction book I read was titled Beautiful Child and was written by Torey Hayden. Beautiful Child follows the life of a special education teacher who is new to a school is met with a challenging class consisting of five children, all with very different needs. The class consists of a child who has tourette’s syndrome (Jesse), a child who we later find out has dyslexia (Billy), two twins who have fetal alcohol syndrome (Shane and Zane), and a young girl who is selectively mute (Venus.) Although through the story we see each child grow and progress, Venus is the main character and we see her open up to Torey through books and most important She-Ra comics. As Venus’ story unfolds, so do the horrendous details of her family that include a past of drug abuse and prostitution. The quietness of Venus that left many confused, begins to make…show more content…
I think the concept of Kobod’s box was a good idea, but adjustments would have to be made in order to make sure everyone could participate. I think doing random acts of kindness helps students learn about subjects that can tie into school, as well as real life situations. I liked that Torey used cooking as a way to teach the students about reading and math, as many recipes feature both. I also think cooking activities can be more fun for students as they are hands on. I also liked Torey’s use of imagination to transport the children to oceans or the wilderness. I believe this activity sparks creativity in children and would be a good technique to teach them about adjectives and imagery. My favorite of Hayden’s techniques and the one I would implement is the of traffic lights to signal a student’s behavior for the day. I have seen this technique used in many classrooms I have observed and it is a good visual way to keep student’s behavior in
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