Analysis Of Baz Luhrmann 's American Adaptation Of Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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Within Baz Luhrmann’s american adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, he shows the impacts of how parents influence the actions of their children. One argue that Shakespeare demonstrates how Romeo and Juliet has matured over the course of the play, but Luhrmann suggests something on a societal issue that is present within teens in an American cultures, and should be addressed. Shakespeare matches these ‘star-crossed lovers’ Romeo and Juliet, who come from a very similar financial status in a society, but unfortunately their family are not very fond of each other. The audience is introduced to Romeo becoming emotionally distraught because of Rosaline, who is Romeo’s unrequited love. Romeo’s cousins and Friend Murq. goes to the Capulet party to go and cheer up and to distract him from Rosaline. Then Romeo meets Juliet then all of a sudden his love of Rosaline to Romeo was not of much of importance. Shakespeare’s audience can see that Romeo uses romantic language to try and woo his new found love, Juliet. During their first encounter between the two, once can that when Juliet expressed her concerns to Romeo, he does not take her seriously and says, “O, swear not by the moon I vow,/ That monthly changes in her circle orb,/ Lest that thy love prove likewise variable.” (2.2.109-111, Shakespeare). Romeo having his head in the clouds filled with love, he is dimatrating that he is still in this adolescent mindset and is not showing much concern for his current situation. He becomes so delusional that he doesn 't realize the possible dangers he has put not only him and his family, but Juliet and her family as well. Thus danger that is caused by the two’s forbidden love soon takes a dark turn when the Romeo realizes that their love... ... middle of paper ... ...bigger risks, such as stealing a car or trying drugs. In this study it talks about how teenagers commit more crimes than any other age group of people (Tompa). Within Luhrmann 's film Romeo + Juliet, the audience witness Romeo take ecstasy with little to no hesitation. Mentioned in the previous article, if children were to have a strong bond with their parents then it might have lead to better choices, and many of the teens’ death could have been avoided. The guidance of parents are essential to one’s life because then teens would better understand the consequence of their actions if a parent is present within their teens’ life. Throughout the film Luhrmann constantly reminds his audience that such a world exist, a world where teens whose parents are not around to guide them through life, and so there is a sense of destruction and chaos that surrounds a community.

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