Analysis Of August Rush

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It’s August and as you pass through the busy streets in the city, you will be able to hear the different music and see many people play diverse instruments to make people happy. All of them hope and try to become famous, or simply earn some money for their next meal. That is what I think of when I hear New York. I have never been there, but I’m sure I’m right about the music. Music is a big part of every single person and it changes people. In the story of August Rush we have learned just that. We see the improvement of music industries with the awards that this movie receives and the popularity that comes with it. Happy endings do happen if only we choose to press forward and not let bad outweigh the good. This lovely movie of romance, music, and a great story line teaches us so much as we watch it. According to IMBD we learn that this movie earned…show more content…
(Julliard statistics online source.) If it was not for that it would have been harder for him to find his family and to have a happy life once again. This heart felt movie was able to bring tears to many of the people and yes, it started off slow but as it went on it changed peoples view about it and in some way promoted the musical industry. Not only that, but it lead many people to have that hope that they needed to press forward in their life and do all that they can to succeed.
It’s the August Rush in New York City and when we stop to hear the music and apply it into our lives, then we are able to bless the lives of those that have that great talent to play such lovely music. Life can be so hard, but it is up to us to change. The opportunity is in our hands to press forward and overcome the trial that is right in front of us. New York City is a place of music and opportunities. I know that happy endings do happen and can happen for
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