Analysis Of Auggie In The Book 'Wonder'

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August Pullman, from the book,“Wonder”, written by R.J. Palacio, is 10 years old and lives with his mother, father, sister Via, and dog Daisy. August was born with an abnormal face which led him to be made fun of. Because his mother wanted to protect him, she homeschooled him through 4th grade. Now at the age of 10, going into 5th grade, August, otherwise known as Auggie, would be attending public school for the first time. Auggie, has many important traits including his sense of humor, bravery, and kindness. To begin, Auggie’s first trait is his sense of humor. The first example of Auggie’s sense of humor is when Auggie’s’ father and mother are talking to Auggie about his new principal, Mr. Tushman. They joked that their college…show more content…
The first and most brave thing Auggie has ever gone through is having surgeries. In all of Auggie’s life, he has had 27 surgeries to correct facial anomalies; this definitely requires much bravery! Another act of bravery was when he decided to go to his new public school, Beecher Prep. This decision was very brave, since Auggie would risk being made fun of for his deformed face. In the past he was always protected by his mother, who homeschooled him, and no one could make fun of him. Going to a public school was definitely a brave step for Auggie. In addition, the middle school Auggie goes to planned to go to camp. Deciding to go on this camping trip was a remarkable decision for Auggie, since he had never slept anywhere without his parents. This was another brave choice for Auggie. Also, when he was at the camp, he and Jack left the group watching a movie when both boys needed to pee and the line for the toilets was too long. Because the lines were so long, they went into the woods to do their business. On their way back, they bumped into another group of people they did not know. As soon as they saw Auggie, they screamed and were calling him names. Then, one of the boys named Eddie shone the flashlight he was holding in Auggie’s face. After that, Jack tried to push the hand holding the flashlight away but the boy just pushed him to the ground. Auggie then said, “We’re smaller than you guys…” Then suddenly,…show more content…
In the incident at camp he stood by his friend, Jack, and helped him up. This is kind because Auggie could have just ran without helping Jack up. Also, Auggie did not press charges against Julian even after he made the “plague”, put unkind notes in his locker, and had everyone ignore him and Jack. Lastly, Auggie did not hold a grudge against Jack when he talked bad about him on Halloween but instead forgave Jack when he asked for forgiveness. Those are some examples of Auggie’s kindness. Auggie’s character traits help him in his new journey as he begins public school. His sense of humor helps him overlook his condition with deformities. Auggie’s different forms of bravery help him carry on in life without others looking down on him. Finally, Auggie is able to reach out and create friendships with others through his kindness. Auggie’s character traits not only help him, but also speak to others by saying that it doesn’t matter how you look on the outside, but how you act towards people from the

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