Analysis Of Astronomical Exploration In The World Of Blood Meridian

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Astronomical Exploration in the World of Blood Meridian Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian presents a story that follows characters throughout a violent journey in the “Wild West”. The novel itself has more depth than initially may be initially thought. These characters experience things that seem plausible for that late 1800s time period. The world that they exist in may not be as simple as a recollection of historical possibilities in our real universe. The world that is Blood Meridian may be something more deceptive, with layers that the characters themselves might not understand. The astronomical themes that continue to appear in the novel are one way of trying to grapple with this confusion. The infamous character of the judge starts…show more content…
Right before the judge speaks on page 256 there is an instance of the paraselene, a natural phenomenon where there appears to be three moons in the sky. In Blood Meridian, however, there are only two described moons. The characters are questioning how there could possibly be two moons, not commenting on the fact that there should be three for this to be reality. This misstep by McCarthy suggests that the world in this novel is not completely accurate. It may be off kilter and untruthful. This astronomy of the moon lets the reader understand that he or she has been tricked and must be wary of the information presented in this…show more content…
He believes that “Blood Meridian's universe is a natural one, even when its landscapes are simultaneously earthly and unearthly.”(Phillips). There is defiantly more going on here. The kid and judge come together towards the end of the novel to provide strong evidence for this. The kid is in an ether induced dream-like state prior to having surgery to remove an arrowhead from his leg. The judge visits the kid during this time. It is not clear if this is really the judge in the flesh, or a figment of the kids “fevered dream” that the judge refers to on page 256. This event is so complex because it gives off a supernatural feel that connects to the possibility of the physical world and the type of world that exists in an unconscious

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