Analysis Of Are Too Many People Going To College

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In our educational system today many students tend to drop out early due to the fact of lack of motivation or they can’t be in school anymore. Charles Murray, author of “Are Too Many People Going to College?” states the importance of the educational system in America. He has different viewpoints on whether certain people should attend college or not. The lack of interest in school and learning is playing a major effect on the student’s decisions to attend class. However, many students just attend college for a semester to prove to other people that they can survive college for a small amount of time. Although, this is the reason that many students drop out and are wasting their money for no reason. College can become very difficult in the fact that it’s hard to comprehend what the professor is trying to teach them. Receiving a college education is very different from High School is that the work and the…show more content…
According to Charles Murray, “Although, in today’s society many people will assume that you’re too lazy to get that degree.” Charles Murray point is that, even though you can’t finish college doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful. A lot of people have dropped out of college and were very successful people due to motivation and guidance from others in life.
In college, many students are dropping out from a lack of interest in learning. The experience of receiving a higher education can be more difficult than others. A reason in which would cause this is by no motivation or desire to learn anymore. Many parents are forcing their children to attend school but they don’t want to. Having the students make the decision on whether they want to go to college is based on how they see their future. The tendency of dropouts is increasing ever year from these reasons. College is designed to provide you with a good career in the
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