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April Raintree: A Challenging Search for Identity The constant shifting of tectonic plates can lead a future of rough, uneven or desturbed terrain. Often times when plates collide mountain ranges or volcanoes are formed but the relationship and distance between continents can also change. In the book “April Raintree” by Beatrice Culleton, the constant shifts in April’s life cause a permanent confusion as to who she is and how she identifies herself later on in life. This confusion results in many struggles due to her erratic shifts in Relationships, lifestyles, and emotions. Throughout April’s life, she is forced to uproot from homes and relationships and quickly thrust back into new ones causing her to struggle with who her true family…show more content…
When April first moves in with the Dions, their generosity and love welcome April into their family and although she does not feel like a complete part to their family, she loves them and knows that is was loved back. During her time with them, her confidence begins to build. The Dions treat her just as they would their own children and celebrate her achievements with recognition and praise. April feels as an equal to other children and believes she has value which she later struggles with. She explains her confidence when, after the Dions celebrate her good grades she says, “For an eight year-old, I had a very large head for a while”(22). By saying this, April is identifying the fact that she knows she had high confidence in her self but after a while, that changed. Following this however, April’s life changes and her pride and self assurance begins to diminish. When April is moved to a second foster family the Derosiers, their neglect and abuse towards her cause her to feel awful about herself and her heritage. The family make April and later her sister Cheryl do all the chores, they beat them and they verbally abuse them with racist names and hurtful stories about their parents’ alcohol problems. This family’s treatment towards April and her sister only make her more ashamed and self conscious about her Metis background which has a lasting effect on her life as an adult. April’s phsycological well-being experiences many more difficulties as her life progresses that cause her self-esteem and identity to struggel due to society’s views and treatment of Metis women and

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