Analysis Of Apple's Overarching Type Of Strategy

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Overarching Type of Strategy
Brian Masi says, “Apple is pursuing a broad differentiation strategy. Apple differentiates by offering high-quality, exceptional design, and personalized service. The scope of their strategy is broad targeting customers ranging from unsophisticated beginner users to specials needs power-users.” (Masi, 2009) To develop a strategic vision, there are a few significant elements that Apple uses to formulate a successful long term strategy plan:
• Trend Identification – Steve Jobs visualized a strategy to create a product based on consumer wants. Steve Jobs used his networking abilities to research other areas within the industry. This helped Apple to identify any possible trends.
• Competitor Analysis – Apple decided
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The executives and the employees are committed to fulfilling the consumer’s wants and needs.
Development team The Research & Development team ensures that the management is fully aware of where the competition is and finds innovative ways to improve the Apple brand
Previous strategies supporting training or leadership development Apple made several leadership changes over the years. Some of these changes were successful in that it helped to strengthen areas that needed help but some changes, such as the removal of Steve Jobs, was not so successful
Financial/budget factors The company’s viewpoint was never completely financial. Apple knew that with quality products, the revenue would follow.
Resistant to change factors Apple has been very innovative when it comes to quality products. When change is needed, Apple is onboard to make those necessary modifications to keep the consumer demand at a high level.
Other relevant factors Apple needs to continue with research and development to ensure that they stay ahead in the industry

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