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Apple, Inc. is one of the most well-known electronical companies in the world. Back in 1976, two men named Steven Jobs and Steven Wozniak, sold their computer creation, the Apple I. The company did not really take off until 1977, when the Apple II was created. Sales were increasing dramatically by 1978 due to the Apple Disk II, a floppy disk. As the years went on, Apple faced some financial troubles when Jobs was left the company, and then returned a few years later and brought the company out of trouble. One way that Apple regained its power was through advertisement. Apple’s advertisement is just like their brand by keeping it clean and simple. This advertisement exactly does that with their product attached to the headphones which has taken…show more content…
Like they say a picture is worth a thousand words, this ad depicts that! (Apple) This advertisement by Apple catch parents’ eyes by color, effects, and imagery. Apple Corporation is advertising their iPod Nano for Christmas. A split screen right down the middle horizontally. The right side has a plain black background and the left side has a plain red background. The right side has a red iPod Nano with a white small faded glow emerging from behind the iPod. The screen on and it shows that the song that’s playing is by Nelly Furtado. A picture of Nelly covers half of the iPod screen, while the other half shows a list, but you cannot read it. The circle button below the screen is white. Below the red iPod, “A little video for everyone,” is typed in white. The white headphones are plugged into the top in the middle of the iPod. The cord to the headphones form into the outline of a Christmas tree and the cord goes behind the iPod. The earbuds wrap around the bottom of the iPod. One headphone bud is half behind the iPod, and half…show more content…
The typical picture of Santa Clause is a red outfit, with a black belt and boots, white around the edges of his coat, and a triangular prism red hat with a white ball at the tip. So, Apple used red, white, and black to get parents to notice that this iPod is the perfect gift to give to their children. Making the iPod red, makes the ad seem more like Christmas. Especially if parents tell their children that the iPod came from Santa Clause himself. Since young children, under about ten or eleven, believe in Santa Clause, parents let their children believe that he brought them a gift as a reward for their behavior for the year. So therefore, red, white, and black, from this advertisement, targets the representation of Santa

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