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This paper will analyze the competitive market in which Apple operates. Different factors such as supply, demand, and elasticity will be discussed. This essay will analyze factors that affect the organization in the market in which it operates. Steven Wozniak and Steve Jobs were the inventors of the first Apple computer, which was created April 1, 1976. It was not until the year 1977 that this company started to grow and create a name for it self. In the year1980 Apple Inc. had grown into a much bigger organization with many more employees, and the release of the third Apple computer ("Apple History", 1996-2014). Apple Inc. has now expanded its products in the electronic world, and is just not limited to supplying one kind of product. Apple Inc. is known for their products such as computers, IPods, headphones, and cellphones. Apple Inc. is one of the most successful companies people may see in today’s market, as well as leading in innovation. Mac computers are a product developed by Apple Inc. that has an affect on many people’s lives but not all. Apple Inc. would be considered a monopolistic competitor, that in which the market they compete in. The reason for this market is because; they are not the only company that sells computers. Not every person would prefer to buy an apple computer they may want a different brand. There is no perfect substitute or solution for this product; it is based solemnly on the wants of individuals and whom the company appeals to. Blackberry, Nokia, and Motorola are some of the biggest competitors in which Apple Inc. faces. The reason being is they are finding just as many ways to advance their technology products. A potential customer for Apple Inc. would be China Mobile. This organization is int... ... middle of paper ... ...s well. A factor that may affect fixed cost is the demand for the Mac computer no longer exists, and the equipment used to produce this product cannot be used for anything else. Fixed costs are known as, “costs that are spent and cannot be changed in the period of time under consideration”(Colander, 2010). This paper has analyzed many different aspects of the market in which Apple Inc. competes. Different factors were discussed as well as the fate of the company if certain things were to occur. Individuals may gain a different perspective of the market of a monopolistic competitor. Apple is not the only company that is competing in the electronic world, and that is why the understanding of the market and it competitors is important. However, the understanding of the factors that may affect companies is also just as important as any other aspects of an organization.

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