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Apple Inc. is an American Multinational Corporation; it is involved in designing, manufacturing and sales of personal computers, electronic devices and software, and offers related services. The Company has seen a tremendous expansion from 2001 when it introduced iPod mp3 player. Apple Inc. is deemed to be the most flourishing electronics firm in the globe. However, as it is for every company, Apple is influenced by several factors from the general environment of the corporation’s operations.
Impact of Economic conditions
The firm’s functions and performance rely heavily on global economic conditions. Improbability about present worldwide economic conditions presents a risk as clients and enterprises may continually postpone expenditure due to tougher credit conditions, joblessness, harmful financial news and decreases in income or asset prices, which would negatively impact on demand for the company’s goods and services. Demand can also vary materially from the firm’s expectations because the firm basically increases the prices on products and services sold out of the US to offset the impact of a spiraling of the US dollar. Other factors that can persuade demand include escalation in fuel and energy costs, state of the real estates and finance markets, labor and health costs, availability of credit, client confidence, including other macroeconomic aspects. These including other economic aspects can materially badly impact for Apples goods and services, the firm’s financial position and functioning results (Apple Inc., 2013)
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Company’s Opportunities
Elevated demand of iPad mini and iPhone 5 will boost sales and enlarge Apple’s tablet market share. iTV introduction will maintain Apple Tv sales and the merchandise ecosystem. Samsung is the primary and sole supplier of Apple’s products application processors. Fresh producers with better engineering abilities are coming up and in no time Apple will start being less directly dependent on its direct opponents. In addition, the enlarging tablet and Smartphone demand is a lucrative opportunity to enlarge apple’s market share. Apple’s patents are frequently breached by its opponents; collection of compensation from the culprits is a viable opportunity of enlarging the cash reserves. Moreover, the firm can increase its iCloud services and applications as the requirements for cloud-oriented services enlarge (Apple Inc., 2013).

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