Analysis Of Antoni Gaudi L Cornet

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This assignment one in the report had been chosen an architect design called ‘Antoni Gaudi l Cornet’, he was born in 25 June in 1852 in Spain at Reus, Catalonia in a small town at south of Barcelona and died in 10 June 1926 in Spain at Barcelona, Catalonia by street accident at the aged 73 and his nationality was Spanish. He was the youngest of five children and he accepts Mediterranean people were provided with a originality, creativity and inborn sense for an art design. He like to spent his time outdoor with his family especially during the summer to study a nature. Antoni was a Spanish architect and he was a best of practitioner of Catalan Modernism. His works and projects were reflecting a distinctive and individualized style and most…show more content…
After he graduated, during working periods he worked as an apprentice in the ‘Vapor Nou’ textiles mill in Reus. Afterwards, in 1868 Antoni moved to another city called Barcelona to study, it was teaching in the Convent del Carme. In his teenage year, he became interested in a modern socialis. And then, between 1875 and 1878 he had completed his own required military service in the foot soldiers regiment in Barcelona as a Military Administrator. During his mother died, Anotoni was studied an architecture at Llotja School and the Barcelona Higher School of Architecture, and the graduating in 1878. The first job that he worked was a draftsman for a various architects and constructor. And in an addition of an architecture classes, he has studied history, economics, philosophy, French and aesthetics. Antoni had an answer from the sculptor Llorenc Matamala, with his ironical sense of humour that Anotoni wa an architecture now. Park Guell Case study The assignment had chosen a case study from Antoni Gaudi that called ‘Park Guell’. It was a public park system that had gardens and architectonic elements that was located on top of the ‘Carmel Hill’ in a Barcelona of Spain. The designed of the park was design by Antoni Gaudi, a famous architect and the place was representing a Catalan modernism. This park was built between 1900 and 1914, and opened to let people visited the park in1926. In 1984, UNESCO was showed up the park a World Heritage Site. Location Park Guell Carrer d’Olot, Barcelona,
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