Analysis Of Anne Roiphe's Why Marriages Fail

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In the essay Why Marriages Fail by Anne Roiphe she mentions the statement that marriages do not mean as much when marriages were formerly brought in. In the past vows and promises mean the most to a wedding. Most married couples get divorced mainly for the same reason as any other marriages; they do not end up seeing eye to eye anymore, or they do not feel the same way as they did when the marriage first started, or someone was being cheated on by the other partner. When picking these partners, we might not think they are nothing like our relatives from our first home meaning our mothers and fathers but, we do select our partners based on our parents. In the essay it shows that study says from our childhood experiences and who raised as motherhood and fatherhood, that is what we look for in our mates. The direct quote in the essays states "Each of us falls in love with a partner who has qualities of our parents." The statement shows that a…show more content…
Some friends that could also influence it because they could not have approved you marrying this person. Friends can have a significant bearing on marriage. "People who try to break a marriage apart are not quality friends." This quote means that some friends will try to sabotage a marriage. With that being said the do not qualify as friends. Another problem can be a partner in the wedding could have an addiction to something. This addiction could be gambling, drinking, or drug addiction. "Addictions are also a common source of money problems in marriage as well." This quote ties in with gambling addiction because in gambling money is on the line and a lot of money ends up being wasted. Money could be spent by drinking because when you drink money is being bought for alcohol. Money is being lost to a drug addiction because drugs have to be purchased. What these addictions have in common is that a lot of money is lost. Therefore, habits play a big part in

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