Analysis Of Annabel Lee By Edgar Allan Poe

Erik Valle
English 111
March 31, 2014
Dead In Life
Edgar Allan Poe was an extraordinary writer well known for his demise poems. He was born on January 19, 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts. Poe’s poems are full of emotion like romance, drama, and, death Very, this emotions can be seen in Poe’s life. A great example of this is the poem "Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allan Poe it was published instantly after his mysterious death in 1849. “Annabel Lee” is a mysterious and sad poem, that leads to Poe’s favorite theme, the death of a beautiful young woman. The romance, the sorrow, and the death of beautiful women can all be found in Poe’s life.
Poe’s family was being supported by Poe’s cousin, who was working as a sailor, and by Poe’s grandmother, who was receiving an annual pension from the Maryland government. Poe’s cousin Henry Poe died at the age of twenty-four about six months after Poe’s arrival to Baltimore , then Poe’s grandmother died. Poe found himself struggling to support his cousin virginia and his aunt. Poe could not expect assistance from his foster father, who stopped answering Poe’s letters. Poe then stated making money off his writing , as well as a $100 prize in short story contest. Later he found employment at the South Literary Messenger. Then it seem that he finally had a stable income in which he could provide for his family. Poe romance was with the same Virginia he was providing for. Poe met Virginia Clemm when she was nine, he nicknamed her sissy. In those early time of their relationship was complexed, Poe would use her to carry love letters to young ladies. When he was 27 Poe fell in love with his cousin Virginia Clemm, and married her when she was only 13 years old. On January 30 1847 two years before the poem ...

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...ecause this short story is about someone hating a person so much that he is willing to kill. This story t keeps a person wondering what is the reason of such anger for revenge. This is the same situation with "Annabel Lee" we know that Poe was possibly missing Virginia and he wanted to express or let his readers know the love they had for each other a long time ago

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