Analysis Of Angelina Grimke's From Appeal To The Christian Women Of The South

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Paper 3 The nineteenth century was a time of major change. Abraham Lincoln was trying to abolish slavery, there was a civil war going on, and also women fighting for their rights. The country had already brought about change with their freedom from Great Britain, but there were still many problems with the way America stood. The struggle that was going on in America at this time can be seen in many of the writings throughout the time period. There were some individuals during this time period that are pro-slavery for reasons unknown. Some slaves and former slaves wrote about their experience to spread the word about how bad slavery was. Other advocates also wrote persuasive writings to encourage slavery abolishment. The one writing that stood out to me the most was the essay “From Appeal to the Christian Women of the South” by Angelina Grimke. I…show more content…
Angelina Grimke’s essay “From Appeal to the Christian Women of the South” is very significant to the time period because the essay not only explains how and why she wanted slaver abolish, but it also include pieces from the…show more content…
The women’s rights movement was a big part of the nineteenth century as was the slavery abolishment movement. Grimke’s essay covers both slavery abolishment, and the women’s rights movement that is why it is so important for this time period. Women didn’t really have a voice at this time so for Grimke to be a women that is standing up to slavery was very brave. She also encourages women in her essay to stand up for slavery. Slavery was a very touchy subject at the time and for a women to be standing up against it was something that didn’t often happen. Grimke righting this paper was very brave and showed men that women could also create change, and I think that it was necessary for both the slavery abolishment movement and the women rights
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