Analysis Of Amy Tan's Short Story

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Amy Tan’s classic short story, is a coming of age story as the main character wakes up to her heritage when she travels back to China. It is also a story of internal racial tension, not in the sense of prejudice, but internal racial conflict that exists inside Jing-mei as the battle between what she is by nature and what she is by birth. She suddenly discovers her long lost sisters just a month after her mother dies (Danielle 2014). She goes to China and after her arrival, Jing-Mei sees her two sisters who she has never seen before and finally realizes that both of them are as same as her mother. These discoveries lead her to explore her true Chinese identity and reunite with entire family. In this story there are very important themes: life…show more content…
Both themes are quite explicit, yet very important. Reuniting family is the theme that occurs at the end of the book. Joining together all of the children that Jing-Mei had, the ones she lived with forever and the ones she had to abandon when they were children, is all essential to the story (Esther 2011). Reuniting the family helps shape the characters and puts the reader at peace. The theme of loss is also very clear in this short story. The death of their mother is what initially drives Jing-Mei to fly out to China and meet her twin sisters. Sending a letter wasn’t enough, the initial meeting and telling them in person is what is most crucial. At the very beginning of the short story A Pair of Tickets a tough decision is placed in the hands on Jing-Mei. Her father tells her that she has to tell her twin sisters that their mother has passed…show more content…
These are “Duble Face”, "Waiting between the Trees", and «The Joy Luck Club". All of them have the same connections and show that daughters cannot fall apart from their mothers. The mothers witness how their daughters grow, they feel the desire to protect them, teach them how to lose your innocence, yet not your hope. It is mothers chance to give them a better life then they had in China. The entire correlation between mother and daughters is one of the elements that bring Jing-mei closer to her family and her Chinese heritage. Since Jing-mei finds more about her mother and her sisters, she indeed realizes how it is crucial for her to meet her half sisters. It was profound wish that her mother always dreamed of. Jing-mei realizes that her mothers name meant something very important. It is long cherished wish that had to be achieved. She does everything to make her mother’s dream to come true. When meets her twin sister she says, “I know we all see it, although we don 't speak, together we look like our mother.” Her mouth, her eyes, her surprising outlook, and finally her long-cherished wish (Woodson
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