Analysis Of Amanda Ripley's Smartest Kids In The World

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“More than one million High School students fail to graduate high school each year. This not only affects the individual and his or her education but also takes a toll on society and the economy”.-Unknown. Today’s education cap affects society in many ways. Education is one key element that is needed throughout everyday life. It is needed for critical thinking, problem-solving, and great independent decision making in our lives. Without education, we wouldn’t be able to communicate with one another or make something out of ourselves. So we might ask ourselves how can we make education better for us and the future generations? In the book “Smartest Kids in the World”, Amanda Ripley gives an explanation of the difference between the education system in U.S. and in countries like Finland, Poland, and South…show more content…
According to these countries, students saw the importance of getting an education. According to the book, Ripley claims that in South Korea students knew that studying the material through well will get them far in life, like getting a good job. As Ripley states that students in South Korea spent their everyday life at school, after that they go to a special program called “Hagwons” where they receive help in the subjects they are struggling and study. On the other hand, parents in South Korea help motivate and push them through to getting an education. As to American High schools, students don’t share the same viewpoint in getting the education. In the US students are more passionate in watching movies, playing video games, sports and spending their free time something that doesn’t have to relate to school. As of US parents, they “tended to act more like cheerleaders” (Ripley, 107). America parents should be more involved in their child 's education by helping motivate and encourage them to get an education as parents in South

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