Analysis Of Alone And Drinking Under The Moon

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Li Po can be described in many ways. Many also know him by the name of Li Bai. There is a lot to be learned and said of Li Po. Some of which are good and in other ways, not so much. For example, he was a drunk, which had led to his suicide. “Li Bai drowned attempting to embrace the moons reflection in the river” (Hunter). Another way which can indicate that the poet seemed like a distressed man, despite being known as the great poet that many say he was are in this way as well, he was married four different times to four different women. More information about his life was during the time of the Tang Dynasty, living from 701-762, which made his sixty-one years of age when he passed. Ironically enough. all of these flaws seemed to disappear…show more content…
The first poem, Alone and Drinking Under the Moon, had one main theme, “encompasses several of the characteristics that define Li Po. As a devotee to nature, wine, solitude and humor”. (G. K Fralin). Which after researching came to this conclusion. The theme is “time”. Proving this, Li Po writes that “in the time of happiness”, and “I sit and sing” (Hunter lines 13,15). Showing the readers that as he is offering the moon some wine, he waits to be accompanied by the moon to share his wine as well as befriending the moon. As he is drinking, it seems as though no time is passing because he waits and waits for the moon to come and drink with him, until he decides that he will make his wine class the moon, so in fact he can actually drink with the…show more content…
For example, “Amongst the flowers”, “Then I dance” “I too must be happy”, “I hope that one day we three will meet again” (Li Hunter). A strong case can easily be, made that these other themes could in fact be the main one throughout this particular poem. Main point being though, is that it is possible to have more than one theme in poetry, particularly in Li Po’s poetry and could be interpreted in many other ways than one. It is imperative to keep an open mind while reading poetry and criticizing any opinions the reader may have about the poem. “Autumn River Song”, is a beautiful, yet very short poem. It is being only four stanzas long but captures what poetry is all about. Though it may be short the poem is very effective to how the reader may interpret it. “The moon simmers in green water. White herons fly through the moonlight. The young man hears a girl gathering water-chestnuts: into the night, singing, they paddle home together” (Li Po). Now, after not knowing too much about the white herons, research was crucial to help me as a scholar to interpret this

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