Analysis Of Alcohol And Advertisement

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Task 1 : Advert 1. Girl, it is shown in a negative light the girl has a ripped shirt and is vomiting, all these negative things happened to the girl all because of alcohol. She has ruined most of her clothes and most probably has injured herself or brought harm to herself whether sexually or mentally. Boy, this advert shows a more aggressive side to alcohol through the boys perspective, he does much more physical harm to himself by ripping his earlobe and hitting himself with the cupboard. He is very violent as he kicks the radio, all these things were done because of alcohol the boy is destroyed in a very physical away as apposed to the more mental way the girl is destroyed. 2. The advert portrays a much more realistic scenario then…show more content…
Alcohol affects different sexes in different ways and the adverts show the relevant dangers involved with alcohol. The girl is shown with torn clothes and smudged make up, all these things may not physically do much harm however it may cause some mental harm. The boy is shown doing much more physical damage to himself. The different adverts portray the damages done to each sex and although much was very similar if not the same there are slight differences as each sex has different dangers involved with alcohol. 5. I believe the advert is somewhat relevant not only to british teens but to teens all over the world as alcohol is a danger to all teens if they are not sufficiently educated on the dangers associated to alcohol abuse. However the advert is a worse case scenario and does not effect the viewers the way it would have been intended to. My personal experience with alcohol has shown me that alcohol can be rather dangerous as my dads friends is an alcoholic however i have seen more of the brighter side of alcohol and how it can be used safely and in a fun manner. The advert is an advert to promote anti-alcohol and just like the advert to promote alcohol portrays an improbable reality in such a way you might believe it could

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