Analysis Of After Happily Ever After

“After Happily Ever After” Film Review What makes a marriage successful? Is there a special secret? The film “After Happily Ever After” has multiple couples who give some advice on what has made their marriage successful. Also, there is a trend between children living in poverty and a childs parents being married. Is there an answer to this? Could making a family go to counseling when parents file for divorce decrease this trend?
“After Happily Ever After” is a film about marriage and how all people tend to strive to be in a monogamous relationship. To start off the video that mention the face that fifty percent of marriages end in divorce while ninety percent of the nation still desire to get married. There were multiple different types of
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In the video they think that it is completely healthy for a child to grow up with two seperate people that agree to raise a child together. However, this would mean that the child has to live in two seperate houses all the time. Is that really healthy? The article talks about how it is more healthy for a child to grow up in a house where the mother is married, whether it be to the father or another father figure. Single mothers raising a child by themselves leads to poverty. “Decades of research show that children raised in single- parent homes fare worse on a wide range of outcomes (e.g.. Poverty, educational attainment, nonmarital and teen childbearing) than children raised by two biological parents” (Risman & Rutter, 2015). In “After Happily Ever After” they talk about how marriage is beneficial financially if it works out. This is because people then have two incomes to build a life together instead of just one. However, if the marriage ends in divorce in can financially hurt both parties. This would support that being a single mother may lead to poverty. However, the article “Promoting Marriage Among Single Mothers” suggest later on that “it would be more beneficial to convince women to delay childbirth rather than to promote marriage” (p.325). There are also complications…show more content…
One solution that could possibly help is that if a married couple files for divorce and they have children it should be required to go to family counseling to try to fix things. This would help people in the film who had gotten a divorce. Maybe there was a possibility that some of them could have worked their marriages out if they would have spent the time to go to counseling and figure out what the problems were. The ones that had children should have been thinking about how the divorce was going to affect not only them but their children too. One article states “children of parents who remain married generally enjoy greater emotional, social, and economic advantages than children with divorced or never-married parents”(McGuinness & Teena, 2006). Therefore there should be some kind of policy placed trying to keep parents who are already married together for their children if the environment is not too hostile. The article even states that “in theory, by increasing the number of children raised by married parents, children's overall well-being will also improve”(McGuinness & Teena, 2006). Therefore, making a policy to try to decrease divorce rates of couples who have children like some of the couples in the film could not only decrease divorce rates but also decrease the amount of children living in
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