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Youth individually is important in this society. If not, the youth of this society are just like everyone else, which discourage them to be themselves. A very humorous, intellectual man, author Mark Twain created a satire which became a lecture in 1882, to show the humor of society to the youth. In “Advice of Youth” Mark Twain informs the youth through logical appeals, irony, and parallelism. Mark Twain establishes satire though logical appeal. He had concrete evidence throughout his writing. He demonstrates logical appeal, so the reader can be more engaged in his humorous advice. For example, as Mark Twain discussed on page 7 paragraph 5-6 “you want to be careful about lying; otherwise you are nearly sure to get caught,” (7). He included…show more content…
The irony is also an example of showing character appeal. He is showing his attitude toward the society. As the reader reads his humorous and satirical essay, the reader would notice that there is irony everywhere. One example is when the Mark Twain discussed on page 7 paragraph 3 “Be respectful to your superiors, if you have any, also to strangers and sometimes to others.” (7). Even though he is telling the youth to respect your superiors. He also tells the youth that if they are ever offended or think you were offended, hit them with a brick. With that said how is the youth supposed to respect their superiors? Also, he mentions that in paragraph 3 “yes, always avoid violence; in this age of charity and kindliness, the times has gone by for such things,” (7) but he says hit people with bricks. Another example of irony is on page 7 paragraph 5 “you want to be very careful about lying,” (7) but he doesn’t tell the youth not to lie at all. Unlike most elderly people if they were giving advice. Which is very ironic how he is trying to let the youth know that it is appropriate to lie, but don’t get caught. Also, this is what brings me back to the quote “truth is mighty and will prevail.” If the youth are good liars, would this quote be truth? Can the truth over power a lie? That is what Mark Twain is trying to say, with good practice how would you ever get caught? He also refers to the lying…show more content…
Parallelism is also an example of emotional appeals because of the word choices he chose to add into the satire essay. Mark Twain uses parallelism to add the humor and balance to the essay. Parallelism makes his sarcasm be expressed more, to show have hypocritical this society is today. One example is on page 7 paragraph 2 “always obey your parents, when they are present.” (7) This quote shows the balance between the words and how they fit together. Another example is on page 7 paragraph 6 “go to bed early, get up early,” (7) this quote also shows the balance between the words and phrase. Lastly, another example is on page 8 paragraph 5 “truth is mighty and will prevail.” (8) The quote is expressing that the truth is powerful, which prevail means powerful. Where they are both

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