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Adoration of Jenna Fox How much can you retain of yourself before you're not "you" anymore? Eighty percent? Fifty percent? Ten percent? And if you had only a certain percentage of yourself left, are you still you? In the novel “The Adoration of Jenna Fox” by Mary E. Pearson it is a story of how far parents will go to save their only child, and of how far a child will go to become her own person. Jenna Fox is loved by her family, but their adoration goes too far when they scientifically modify her after an accident to save her life, to the point she is barely human. Jenna struggles to discover who she really is. In this novel, the most important choice was to keep Jenna alive, which was made by Jenna’s parents because this affected many people around Jenna, had an impact on Jenna and her future, and her parents made this decision out of adoration. The choice made by Jenna’s parents had an influence on the people around her. For instance, in the novel, it states, “‘Why do you hate me?’I ask. She doesn’t answer. She studies my face. Her chests rises and her head tilts slightly.’I don’t hate you Jenna,’ she finally says. ‘I simply don’t have room for you,’” (Pearson 14). This shows that Lily, Jenna’s grandmother, is very distant from Jenna and has not much sympathy towards her. This is because of what happened in the accident and what had occurred to keep Jenna alive. Also, in the book, it says, “Mother said it could be dangerous. For them. Is she afraid I would hurt others? My classmates? I wouldn’t,” (Pearson 51). Jenna overheard Lily and Claire talking and heard them saying it could be hazardous for other people if she goes to school. This shows that Jenna’s mom believes that Jenna could have a big impact on others surrounding he... ... middle of paper ... ... Jenna Fox it states, “‘You're starting school tomorrow,’ she says. ‘It’s only at the local charter. It’s the closest one, so you can walk for the days that they meet,’” (Pearson 48). However, attending school is a main choice but isn’t the most crucial decision because it wasn’t a big aspect of Jenna’s life or of the book. Additionally, going to school can risk people finding out about the accident. Furthermore, the author states, “‘That's what she meant. It isn't a secret. She told her parents. She is going to report me,’” (Pearson 248). Nevertheless, Ally's, one of Jenna’s classmates, had figured out Jenna’s secret and had told her parents about it. This has jeopardized Jenna and her family. Therefore, the most important choice was keeping Jenna alive than allowing her to attend school because it wasn’t a great factor in the book and it put Jenna’s life in danger.

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