Analysis Of Acts

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Acts is a chapter in the Bible that mirrors the most important values--values found in Christ--that I, as a follower of Christ, am capable of interpreting and incorporating into my daily life. Acts is not meant to be a complicated book with its all-inclusive and interweaving events surrounding the history of Jesus and his followers, but it is rather aimed towards aiding humans to critically think and understand the reasoning behind these evident stories in order to teach us lessons so that we might teach others these lessons in turn. I believe that the meaning and purpose of Acts is to teach us how to be Christians and teach others according to the lessons taught by Jesus and his followers. The question is: what valuable lessons are in Acts that we might teach others? By following good examples discovered in the book of Acts, I have stumbled upon some important events surrounding lessons about boldness, faith, salvation and freedom. Merely a few in comparison with the several lessons presented by the apostles and prophets in Acts, these lessons are some of the most recurrent. Boldness, faith, salvation and freedom are tied in with three general themes that include witnessing to Jews and Gentiles, the resurrection of Jesus, and defense of the gospel or 'good news' preached by Christ's followers. God granted us the capability to understand these very lessons and themes in order to strengthen our relationships in spirit and on earth. Therefore, these lessons are meant to be an example to us, and in turn, unto others that we teach.
Faith is a word with many meanings within the book of Acts, including Christianity itself, a substance or quantity, an effort, a trust, and a belief. The various meanings of faith highlight the extraordina...

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...t I want people to be changed by the ways that I have shared my spiritual gifts and Christ's love. I may not speak in tongues or be a teacher, but I can teach through my actions and words and exercise my gifts by showing genuine concern for people. In my short-lived career, I have recognized the truth in an important concept taught in Acts. That is, those who aren't supported by God fail. Judas was an example of his failure to God due to going against God's law. Acts serves to show that many people fall into temptations. I have learned that many people currently lose their jobs or families as a result--all because of one mistake. As a Christian, I want to stress the importance, in not falling into temptations, to other people. In my career and every other area of life, I want to continue pursuing Christ through the trials and tribulations, as well as the good times.
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