Analysis Of Acting Activism And Hollywood Politics: An Interview With Susan Saradon

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In the article “Acting, Activism and Hollywood Politics: An Interview with Susan Sarandon.” Sarandon addresses many of the issues facing women in Hollywood and the trouble facing a politically vocal figure and describes her career as an actress and political activist. In this article, it first starts out with her discussing how she views herself and the Hollywood establishment. She also goes into depth about women’s role in Hollywood. Susan Sarandon first starts off with discussing how the Hollywood establishment has had a history of quelling political activism in regards to race and sexism. The role of a main or a politically relevant actor for women is sparse. This creates difficulty finding candidates for Academy awards. She then continues…show more content…
It also helps by going in depth into the problems creative artists face manifesting their vision or message in an industry that desires to first and foremost make a profit. This article is interestingly split up into background information about the interviewed and recorded dialogue exchange between Susan Sarandon and the author. This article may not have information, statistical data to back up the suppositions by Sarandon, but replaces it with qualitative examples of her movies and anecdotal tales she has had in her career. It is useful to a student who wants a dry aspect of their research topic and is relevant to a paper about sexism, artistic expression, and of course Susan Sarandon…show more content…
The article has no real statistical or scientific data to use in a paper due to its nature as an anecdotally based interview. Susan Sarandon while an insider with the experience she has no academic or scientific background to give her words professional credence. Though the article title is “Acting, Activism and Hollywood Politics: An Interview with Susan Sarandon.” It doesn’t cover racism much at all. This makes sense as she is a woman, not a minority race. It still is a misleading title. The article also didn’t explain much about the other movies referenced, other than Lorenzo’s Oil. Many of the references seemed to be something that wouldn’t gain as much relevance to somebody that hasn’t watched these movies, as they talk about them in context, but not with many details or even the briefest of summaries. Also, they assume you know about the Academy Awards, especially the most recent one to come. They do briefly explain some noteworthy events, but it still seems flimsy. The article focuses on specific events or occurrences. Also, she says some of her observations on the way it is but doesn’t back it up with many case examples, if any. Some of the information was about Susan Sarandon herself, in the last paragraph on page 11 it talks about timing and if she has any upcoming acting roles after Lorenzo’s Oil. While this makes sense in the pure spirit of an interview

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