Analysis Of Abortion By Judith Thomson

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The idea of whether abortion should be illegal or allowed is a controversial one since everyone seems to have different ideologies. Judith Thomson, who is in support of pro-choice argues in her article “A Defense of Abortion” main idea towards abortion is stating women should have the right to choose because they have the moral right to decide whether they have to hold life in their body. This idea is presented from her first analogy using the violinist who has a failing kidney and will perish if he does not have someone give him blood immediately. They take you without your permission and plug you into him. She connects this to the idea of the fetus by saying everyone has the right to life and if the fetus is considered a person then it would be wrong to kill an innocent human being, but then says that if the child is harming you then you should not wait until you are dead, he body is the home of the women so she should be allowed to defend herself against…show more content…
By choosing life over death, she is aborting the baby to save her life because she believes that even though the fetus is unintentionally hurting the mother, she does not have to provide the home for the child it’s her being a Good Samaritan because there are no laws against having to be a good one. Like she stated in her analogy with the violinist you do not have to stay connected to the violinist you can have a say and just let him die by unplugging yourself. As a person you do not owe this person anything at all, and he has a right to not be killed unjustly, but by doing something you have a right to you are not doing something that is unjust. No women allows the fetus into their home and by going through an abortion you might be callous, self-centered and indecent, but not unjust because you have the right to choose. In the second article “Putting Women back into Abortion Debate” by Ellen Willis is against abortion and believes that it is more of a feminist movement.

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