Analysis Of Abortion By Judith Jarvis Thomson

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Judith Jarvis Thomson successfully discusses and outlines in many cases that an abortion performed when the mother’s life is not threatened by the pregnancy would be not unjust. As some believe that the foetus is not an independent creature as it is inseparable from the mother’s body and the morality of abortion until the mother is part of the situation and being properly recognised. Thomas does recognise this as she believes that the mother’s rights over her body are key considerations. Thomson does not accept the conservative view as to the moral status of the foetus. But she additionally argues that abortion would be morally permissible even if the foetus were a person. In her article “A Defence against Abortion” she accepts the conservative view for the purpose of the discussion, and from there proceeds to argue in defence against abortion. Thomson successfully discusses and critiques the conservative position on the moral status of the foetus in relation to defence against abortion and continues to make frequent references to science.
Thomson argues persuasively, that the right to life does not guarantee the use of another’s body against their will. There are other relevant factors in determining what rights a
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Additionally, she stresses that there are ways in which ones should act, the ways in which we are morally required to act and where requirements are not requirements of justice. Therefore, Thomson sees that she has to consider whether an abortion would be wrong in various other ways. Additionally, Thomson argues that an abortion would be wrong if the pregnancy, even a pregnancy due to rape, lasted for the duration of only one hour. Therefore, this is not the case; and at the end of her article of “A Defence against Abortion” concludes that in a real pregnancy an abortion would not be wrong, except in the case where it would be classed as
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