Analysis Of A Woman's Place

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The passage I have chosen to write about is “A Woman’s Place?” an article published by the New York Magazine that focuses on interviews from seven esteemed female chefs about their views on how they are treated in the culinary industry. These are not the main stream female chefs you see on television like Rachel Ray, but chefs that are actually in the kitchen day in and day out. In the interviews they are asked questions about working in the kitchen and how it is different being a female their among a male dominated industry. The reporter also asks them to recount several memories in order to generate emotions from both the readers as well as the others being interviewed. As the interviewer questions these highly accredited guests, multiple strategies are employed like the use of pathos, logos, and some ethos to create a strong argument that woman are…show more content…
When Alex Guarnaschelli was in a restaurant in Paris, one male co-worker even said to her,” You suck, you’re a girl, I hate you.” (pg 431, para 2). This could have been a perfectly reasonable opinion, had it not been for the sole fact that she was a woman. All she wanted to do was cook bass, which she inevitably burned, but the co-worker wanted nothing to do with her in the kitchen. This view is furthered when Rebecca Charles tells of how even though she is the chef of the kitchen, delivery men will ignore her and ask her male sous chef for a signature when making a delivery. Some people go as far as to completely ignore the fact that women are great cooks, even ignoring them in their own kitchens. If a female chef happens to be over-enthusiastic she is seen as an immature school girl. The reporter makes sure to structure the questions in order to get the women to tell of the worst situations they had been forced to endure due to their
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