Analysis Of A Treasure From Judges

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A Treasure from Judges, by Dr. Rod Mattoon is a very practical, powerful and discerning book. This book is an expositional verse by verse commentary with an emphasis on practical application for everyday living. The outlines in the book aid in the presentation of the material as well as the understanding of the book of Judges. The book is filled with sermon illustrations that go along with the bible text as well as an illustration index at the back. Each study in the book has an interesting, easy to understand word studies from the Greek and Hebrew language. These studies help bring out truth and insight from the scripture. Treasures from Judges contains topical and character trait studies that pertain to each passage along with a subject…show more content…
Mattoon’s had many reasons for writing this book, The main desire that Dr. Mattoon’s has for his book Treasures from Judges, is that it will be a book that a preacher or bible student can use to gain a deeper understanding of the book of Judges along with the relevance it has in this decade. Dr. Mattoon’s states, “The events describing the downfall of Israel can be compared to the same mistakes the United States and other countries of the world are committing now... apathy, apostasy, and anarchy.” Dr. Mattoon has a desire for young men preparing for the ministry to have a tool to learn about expository preaching, he wants these young men, just starting in the ministry or current pastors to be able to write sermons that instruct challenge, and feed their flock. The Book Treasures from Judges will provide a deeper understanding of the application of the Book of Judges to this day and…show more content…
It causes the reader to think about their own lives and whether this is an area of struggle or strength in their walk with God. An example from Chapter 3 of Treasures from Judges of an insight is, “The Lord may leave obstacles in your life for the purpose of developing faith and trust in Him and to develop obedience and maturity in your life.” The book goes on to explain what these obstacles may be, hostile people, hard situations at work or in your daily life, and health or financial trouble. Dr. Mattoon them provide a scripture reference that will help in this situation. These insight or thoughts are informative as well as thought provoking and a strengthening tool in the believer walk with the

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