Analysis Of A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal By William Wordsworth

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William Wordsworth was an English poet from the late 1700s to his death in 1850 whose main concentration were love poems. He was known for his pieces The Prelude and The Lucy Poems which were popular in the United Kingdom and brought up themes such as love, nature, beauty, and death. These themes were prominent throughout his work, and the idea of death was one that was used in his poem A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal written in 1798. The poem is eight lines that are broken up into two stanzas with four lines in each that follows an ABAB rhythm scheme (seal and feel in lines 1 and 3, fears years in 2 and 4, force and course in 5 and 7, and sees and trees in lines 6 and 8). Although this may be the case, Wordsworth was able to make his poem centered…show more content…
Along with the lines saying she could not feel the touch of earthly years, I developed a few theories for what it could mean. I originally imagined that the women was cast in a deep sleep which reminded me of the tale Sleeping Beauty where the woman did not experience any changes as the years went by. My other idea was that the woman was blind and deaf, so she was unaffected by what was going on around her, and after reading the lines, “No motion has she now, no force / She neither hears nor sees from the second stanza” (5-6). These were rash assumptions that did have much evidence to support them, so I stepped back and examined the stanza again, and I came to the conclusion that the woman was dead since the deceased are not affected by time. I also figured that the woman must have been dead for an extended period of time after analyzing the second stanza and found that since she rolled, “round in earth 's diurnal course / With rocks, and stones, and trees” (7-8) she could have decomposed and become a part of nature…show more content…
He was able to draw a connection between woman and the rocks, stones, and trees for the reader to pick up as death. I interpreted the last line as she was being compared to the materials found in nature, because she stayed still and was unaffected by time. I was able to pick this up because the author mentioned rocks and stones, which are very similar and found it odd he used both. I also saw the last sentence as Wordsworth describing a cemetery, where the trees were present and the rocks and stones described the ground and also the tombstone left in memory of the woman. Once I read the last line, I was able to picture the scene that Wordsworth vividly described. This made it easier for me to understand the poem and I found it to have romanticized the idea of being

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