Analysis Of A Salesperson

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Sales: An Acting Game Sales is a 3.08 trillion dollar industry in the United States alone with 13.8 million people working in sales. A salesperson is anyone who interacts with customers and influences a monetary transaction. The sales industry is gigantic, but are the right people working in sales? What makes a good salesperson? These questions and more will be discussed further along, but you as the reader should be thinking right now what you think makes up a good salesperson. Over the course of the semester I have been analyzing sales encounters and recording them. My results were very interesting. As I conducted my analysis, I began to realize that I don’t look very close at a salesperson to determine what makes them a good or bad salesperson. I would just judge them and remember my experience as wonderful or excruciating. As a customer, one will only notice the interaction with the salesperson if it went extremely well or more likely terribly wrong. When I began to nitpick a salesperson I…show more content…
I named my essay “Sales: An Acting Game,” because I believe that the sales world is just a whole bunch of people putting on a different act. As a salesperson one has to have a base and moral place that one lies. With each customer the salesperson as to put on an act according to the attitude of the customer. The salesperson has to be sensitive to subjects and extremely observant. I believe there is no perfect salesperson in the world, but if one tries to apply everything that they think is morally and ethically right to their personality then they are going to be the best salesperson of their capability. Again sales is all acting, and I feel that the quote, “Pretending I am a nice person day after day is exhausting” relates to sales, because every day when a salesperson steps out of their house the need to put a smile on their face no matter how they are feeling. Sales can be a tricky business, but it can also have many rewards if done in the correct
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