Analysis Of A People's History Of The United States By Howard Zinn

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Whenever one speaks about the history and creation of the United States it is often given a particular spectacular and glorious appearance, unless the individual speaking about the subject is Howard Zinn. Unlike the traditional textbooks seen in public schools that are always praising the greatness of America and ignoring the oppression forced upon different social classes; Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States gives readers a brief idea about the lives of those lesser known and it speaks for those that were voiceless. Zinn’s characterization of the United States’ history certainly holds truth to the reality of life back then but the extent of its validity is limited due to the evident bias from the author’s own point of view.…show more content…
It begins with the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Greater Antilles in the Fall of 1492. Zinn inserts diary entries and analysis to describe how Columbus, who was working for the Spanish crown and inspired by Marco Polo, lands in America and inhumanly captures Native Americans in hopes of finding valuable goods to trade and most importantly, gold, so that he may return to Europe; Zinn later goes into details about the pain and horrors of slavery, racism through surprising statistics and facts, and the American revolution with shocking…show more content…
Zinn tells fascinating stories that are constantly excluded out of the common history school textbook and sheds a light on those who were often left in the darkness. Zinn boldly rejects the false objectivity that fills too many textbooks and he openly declares his ethical and political allegiances. If the book was every inept at times, its sweeping energy paved the way for later generations of scholarly students to explore these issues in more detail. Zinn analyzes American history by presenting various perspectives to his readers in an insightful manner which is a truly brilliant milestone for the history of the American people from the point of view of those whose plight has been largely omitted or ignored. This new way of examining history is crucial for all AP history students to comprehend and use as their own tool whenever they look at any type of history, not only American. Whenever a student reads a historical text they should always be conscious of the viewpoint of the author and the subject of the text. For there will always be a different interpretation of the same topic as long as it comes from a different perspective. Zinn does a magnificent job of showing the reader a whole new viewpoint to American history, which all AP history students should take note of and
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