Analysis Of A Good Comedy Movie

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Traveyon Armstrong Professor Dean ENG 102 February 6th 2014 Same Joke Different Day Now a days, we are finding comedy movies to still be funny but very repetitive of the same thing with the same jokes. It is starting to become really tough to see a good movie in generally, but in a narrow mind, its hard to see a good comedy movie. Yes, I understand everyone has a different opinion on what a “good” comedy movie is but based on reviews, asking peers, and personal judgment. I feel like everyone looks for first off a good cast, then the screen play, the movie script of the movie, the popularity of the movie by word of mouth, and how well it does in the box office. With a good cast, this will attract and push audiences away just based off of the cast. For example, reviews on the movie “Ride Alone.”, this is a terrible movie as far as comedy goes but since the stars in the movie are really famous for being funny, the movie is selling well just based off of that. This is unfair. But movies that are actual funny but aren’t as popular because the actors and actresses have an unfair ...
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