Analysis Of ' A Fool Will Never Be Happy '

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However, the story takes it a step further to describe in more detail just how the separation of the sexes in our conservative society that male characters often leave home and works outside and female characters remain home and busy with domestic chores. In the same article of, “A Fool Will Never Be Happy” one of the author Jack Zipes takes a further step to describe a scene of “Children’s and Household Tales.” He emphasizes the household chores; “They told her that if she could cook, wash, and knit skillfully she could stay” (Zipes, 33). This quote explained that when Snow White wandering in the forest, she meets the dwarfs, who offer her shelter on condition that she keep their house clean then she could stay with them. The separation of the labor mirror in 19th century amplifies the specific gender roles, although the seven dwarfs didn’t have the intention to force her to work. But it is true that there wasn’t any female to cook for them or washing dishes they have to cooked by themselves that’s why they told her to stay and cooked for them. In fact, Snow White cleaned their home and cooked before the dwarfs came to the cottage. But the seven dwarfs offer to symbolize the successful male characters’ power and wealth. Because they all are manly men, who do not cook, clean or take care of each other or themselves in that aspect. They go to work and take advantage of Snow White’s abilities to be a homemaker because they benefit themselves by using her. The Grimm Brothers’ “Snow White with the Seven Dwarfs” addresses many issues in our real life, although the tale is not real everything is imaginary, it is far from a vacuous work devoid of real-world significance. But the story discussed feminist issues of women’s gender roles,... ... middle of paper ... ...ed to do. On conclusion, fairy tale stories are fiction but those stories tell us the real life contribution. The tale of each stories might not true but it inspires people especially the kids. Because it symbolized many things that usually happened in our current society such as child abuse, gender roles, and the legacy or status of a person. As in Snow White’s life explains those social issues how she neglected by her stepmother; using her father reputation and orders the huntsman to killed her. But the huntsman without any hesitation saved her life. The seven dwarfs order her to cook for them if she would like to stay but they saved her many times also the prince rescued her from the coffin. However, in the fairy tale, “Snow White with the seven dwarfs,” the authors present different version of the story to giving us some ideas to learn to something from that.
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