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Farm, Life, and Allusions of the Future Walt Whitman is the Author to many well-known poems. In his poem, “A Farm Picture”, the meaning goes well beyond a barn and field. Whitman uses this timeless poem to allude to life. In just three short lines compacted in one stanza, he makes references to the excitement of a young perspective on the new adventures of life that awaits, the comfort of the everyday routines once one’s life has begun, and finally the countdown to one’s life fading away in the final days. Whitman’s poem has a universal emotional tie to each reader, including myself and my own journey through life and future goals. The first line, “THROUGH the ample open door of the peaceful country barn”, is an expression…show more content…
When one can form a daily routine, this means that the person has stability in life. The “sun-lit pasture field”, represents this stability. The third line, “And haze, and vista, and the far horizon, fading away.” represents the end of life’s journey. When one begins to look back on their life, some parts may become hazy to them. Their memories may be slightly blurred. The vista, which means pleasing view, would be the good memories in life. The far horizon, is the sense of future. When one reaches the end of life, the future no longer seems within grasp, but rather that it is fading away. Lastly, the “fading away”, represents dying. Whitman ends this iconic poem with those three words showing that life fades away, and does not last forever. His poem is short and sweet, but packed with rich meaning. Relating myself to the poem, “A Farm Picture”, I find myself connecting to the first line. As a senior in high school and a part time freshman in college, I know that this spring means my life will truly be starting. I am on the right path to go “THROUGH the ample open…show more content…
I am taking the initiative to make a career and a name for myself like what I believe to be the meaning behind Whitman’s initial line. After college, I would like to travel for two years before settling down and starting a family with my Marine, Cameron. Our plans are to travel to Europe, and to all fifty states, including our favorites, Hawaii and Alaska. We plan to inherit his family farm in upstate New York, where he will work in agricultural jobs and I will teach. This future stage in my life is where I hope to build the routine and stability alluded in line two of Whitman’s poem, “with cattle and horses feeding”. Life’s circumstances often persuade our judgement and perspective. There are always two sides to every story. While I find Whitman’s poem, “A Farm Life”, to allude to new beginnings, constancy and routine, and the looking back of memories, someone else may derive a completely different meaning from these three lines. My personal standing has helped me to understand what I believe is the significance behind Whitman’s

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