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In the short story, “A Clean, Well-Lighted place” by Ernest Heming Way, the author, reveals the contrast of two perspectives of life; one is experienced and one is inexperience. The older waiter understands the old man loneliness since he is older and isolated by age himself. On the other hand, the younger waiter inexperienced of life explains his disrespectful action toward the old man thus he is insensitive and doesn’t realize these people nourish what have left in them. The light and darkness throughout the story emphasize the viewpoints of the characters; light represents, happiness, confident and youthful of the young waiter, and darkness represents the older waiter solitude and emptiness. Two older men see the café as a comfortable place…show more content…
The older waiter has much empathy for the old man because he understands him, and shows a lot of respect to him, “This old man is clean. He drinks without spilling. Even now, drunk.”(Hemming Way 108) They have the same state of mind, both shares the solitude that age had isolated them from the rest. The younger waiter whom is confident, whereas, the older waiter is old and modest, ”No, I have never had confidence and I am not young.” (Hemming Way 109) He’s reluctant to close the café, he knows that someone else here just like him and the old man that needs the café to hide from loneliness, “You do not understand. This is a clean and pleasant café. It is well lighted.” (Hemming Way 109) Nevertheless, it is clear that the mature waiter has different appreciation and understanding the importance of life comparing the younger waiter.
The café has much deeper meaning older men. It represents a comforting, secure atmosphere where older people remain the sense of dignity. Hemming Way suggests the nihilistic tendency of the older waiter through the repetitive saying of “Nada” (nothing), illustrates his loneliness, and advancing of his death just like the old man. Whereas, the younger waiter represents materialistic, which is the lifestyle of many young adults prefer to live with. Throughout the story, the conflict between two generations clearly exposes leads to different situations that

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