Analysis Of 1984 And George Orwell's 1984

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What if you woke one morning to find yourself living in a world where everything you say and do is ultimately orchestrated by a seemingly omniscient government? Would it feel different than the world you inhabit today? From warrantless wiretapping to endless attacks made by faces of terror, our world is much closer to George Orwell’s 1984 than we realize. 1984, though off by a few decades, is a startling and quite accurate prediction of modern day developed countries. In the novel 1984, citizens are ruled by a totalitarian government, The face of this government is a symbolic authority figurehead labeled Big Brother who rules over 1984’s main location, Oceania. This abusive government gains control over its inhabitants by threatening torture or even execution to those who disobey it in any way. The citizens are constantly being informed of new wars between their country and others, making it seem as if they are always at war. Today we have the war on terror, a war that seemingly has no end in sight. In our modern day society it…show more content…
is definitely gaining momentum toward a totalitarian future, we are not in the state of countries like North Korea. Moreover, North Korea appears to be in a perpetual war and are in no way permitted to disobey their government. Their leader is a dictator who rules with an iron fist. Similar to the lies Big Brother told the populace of 1984 in order to keep them afraid, North Korea’s ruler understands the need for an enemy to maintain control over his country. He, like Big Brother, manipulates this power to keep his citizens under his control. Also like 1984, everything these civilians say and do is constantly monitored by this autocratic government. There seems to be very limited information on this country and consequently, there is limited access for the citizens to things outside of their country. North Korea has arguably the least amount of freedom in the world and are already living in a dystopian
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