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Analysis Memorandum


This is an analysis memorandum proposing the use of Microsoft Access databases within our Security Division’s infrastructure. Many security managers are relying heavily on the use of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in order to keep track of their personnel, security violations, inspection programs and training. While spreadsheets are effective means for complex calculations they are also limited in that they basically fall short in showing the relational qualities of security data in relationship to particular fields and queries. Not only do they fall short in relational quality, but they are also very difficult query in order for the user to locate particular records without having to go through entire spreadsheet.

Since the success of our jobs and National Security rely heavily on the maintenance and tracking of personnel security clearance information, information security information and industrial security information, what better way of achieve our goals then to develop a relational database which can track and monitor the progress of these three area disciplines. Microsoft Access is a relational database allowing for the quick analysis and retrieval of vital security information. Capron (2000) defines a relational database as, “A relational database organizes data in a table format consisting of related rows and columns” (p.404). Since all of the computers used in our security division are personal computers, it only seems logical to implement a relational database in order to manage our critical and sensitive security data. Nickerson (2001) supports the need for a relational database to effectively manage data on a personal computer by stating, “Almost all common personal computer database programs use the relational approach” (p.80). There are many benefits in using Microsoft Access. We will discuss some of them in this analysis.

User Friendly

Microsoft Access is a user friendly application software database. According to Microsoft ® Corporation (2004), “Access version 2002 extends this versatility by giving developers and more experienced users new functionality, enabling them to access and analyze their important data as well as build powerful new database solutions. At the same time, Access now makes it easy for beginning users to discover and use more of the existing application” (no pg). This means Microsoft Access application software has something to offer for everybody, from the experienced programmer to the first-time database user. With the programs numerous tutorials, along with the Help Menu, wizards and Office Assistant, one can quickly and easily find solutions to most any database need, problem or concern.
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