Analysis: In Defense Of Mask By Kenneth Gergen

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Who are we after all? “In Defense of Mask,” by Kenneth Gergen he states that it is not possible for humans to find a coherent self identity without having a solution. The idea of developing a “coherent sense of identity” makes us act a certain way to please the wish of others. Gergen wants to find intentions of an individual 's choice of mask and how outward appearances and inward feelings we all come across. The author proves his statement by experimenting on people who had a positive and negative reaction from an interviewer.Therefore, the “coherent identity” versus “multiple identities” is detrimental to many individuals when they are trying to perceive into someone that they wish to become. I agree with Gergen, because having a mask hides…show more content…
Masks are a way an individual expresses themselves with various types of people. We are given different occasions and have to act a certain way to do so. Gergen states that the cause of having a mask is “When an individual seeks approval from this diverse range of personalities,he or she adopts a wholly different mask or public identities.” (197) Each person has a different personality when they are with certain people, based on actions and reactions. For instance, when having a guest visiting for the first time, we tend to look our best and choose the best way to make them feel welcome. We tend to hide things that don 't seem “appropriate” and take out things that seem new. We probably don’t notice, but we create a mask based on appearance since we are hiding the reality based on their first…show more content…
Modifying a mask with new people may be different than actually communicating with people we’ve been knowing for years. For example, Gergen experimented with a group of eighteen girls and based on the interviews and self-evaluation their reactions would seem to be positive however once it was more than expected then they would try to avoid the comments. It demonstrated that its easy to modify a mask, now we that we have social media we expect more. Everyone is guilty of doing such action, by just observing and listening to the change of someone’s voice compared to a friend of
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