Analysis: Girls Varsity Basketball And A Broken Finger

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Girls’ Varsity Basketball and a Broken Finger
I force myself to finish the last geometry problem for the day as I take a few glances at the clock. I prepare myself to rush out the door once the clock strikes 3:15. Without hanging out and chatting at the lockers, I grab all my stuff and head towards the practice rooms at the back of the school. I try to aim for at least an hour of practice on my violin before my mom comes and pick me up from school.
Music has played an essential role in my life for the past 9 years. It was during my freshman year in high school when I decided that I would like to apply for a music conservatory for college. Being aware that my values differ from my peers allowed me to attain the importance of self- control
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It’s natural for people to tend to want to fit in among their peers. I remember I was frustrated about not being able to do things that my friends did when I was in middle school. I was just too naive to understand then. One event that happened every often was when all my friends went to the movies; I had to stay home to practice. I still can recall very clearly that I’ve dreamt about playing in the varsity girls’ basketball team back in middle school. Even though I still had violin lessons every week, my parents encouraged me to join the middle school girls’ basketball team after school. It’s funny how my parents’ motive for me to join the basketball team was to make sure that was moving around and exercising after school to stay fit. Since I was pretty tall and big for my age, coaches have asked me to join their teams and try out for varsity in high school. I had that in my mind since then.
Freshman year finally came and I couldn’t be more excited. Unfortunately, my parents had warned me to not try out for basketball this year. There is a pretty high possibility to hurt your hand or your fingers in any kind of sport, and my parents wanted to prevent that from happening. Of course I complained and begged them to let me join, but it didn’t
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All my friends would meet up after school and train really hard, while I walked to the practice rooms. They really wanted to join the varsity team, and to be honest, I wanted to too. However, I knew my values and I had to prioritize certain things before others, so I didn’t bother.
As time passed, violin playing changed from being my hobby to my profession. Then there was one specific lesson where my violin teacher talked about how having some muscles in your body, or being fit, could help with sustainably and power in violin playing. I realized how I’ve been getting tired very easily whenever I played through the violin concertos I’ve been practicing, and I thought that was essential. It has been a few months since I’ve stopped playing basketball, so I wasn’t in shape at all. Finally, I came to a

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