Analysis: Getting Away With Murder

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Getting Away with Murder Evil has existed in this world since the beginning of time. People can be evil in many ways, yet there is one type of evil that tops all, that has to be murder. There have been many murders including those that are unsolved because of the lack of evidence. Everyday, technology is advancing, making it harder and harder for criminals to get away with committing crimes, however it is still possible. People need to be smart and think about what they do before they do it because getting caught could cause the criminal to spend their life in jail. There were many things to keep in mind when planning to take someone’s life like, how hard it is to get away with murder due to modern technology, what type of technology…show more content…
People kill for many different reasons, like the killer getting easily angered or having a grudge on someone. Some might believe that people kill because it is a part of their culture or their ethnicity. This has no truth, killing is not in someone’s DNA or their culture. They did not learn to kill from their ancestors. They learn how to do these things, they do not grow up as little killers. There is talk on many tv shows of killers murdering people because they got easily annoyed, they hold a grudge, they want money, or they love the rush that comes with killings. With that said, individuals are always going to get annoyed, hold grudges and want money, that is never going away. If their need for money gets powerful enough they would do anything to get what they want, including taking someone’s life. Everyone wants money and everyone gets annoyed, the only difference between killers and non killers are the actions we take when we want money or…show more content…
Killers forget about or do not know all of the forensic countermeasures, so when the murder someone they leave behind tiny clues that help police catch them. In the the article “10 Cool Technologies Used in Forensic Science,” the author states that there is even a laser that breaks glass down to their atomic structure. Even a killer with a very high IQ could forget to do something or not thoroughly plan it out. Let’s say that a very intelligent killer throughs the body into a dumpster. The body is covered in a black plastic sheet and the killer forgot to wear gloves. With the technology that exists today, it would have been exceedingly easy to find the killer just by putting the fingerprints into the database and matching it with a someone who has committed a crime before. Another issue with most crimes is that the criminal take their phones wherever they go. The government and the police could effortlessly track the location of the phone and arrest the

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