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Hannah Berookhim Professor C. Davis English 2, Section 4151 14 May 2014 Essay #3 – Drama Fences, a play first published by August Wilson in 1986, is an exploration of the relationships and individuals within a black tenement family living in the United States just before the start of the Civil Rights Movement. The story focuses on Troy Maxson and his family’s struggle to make ends meet, while each person’s emotions and desires threaten pull them apart from one another as well. Within the two acts that make up the play, readers and viewers learn much about Troy and Rose Maxson and their children. In his younger years, Troy was a great baseball player, but missed an opportunity to take his talent to the professional level due to racial discrimination. Events such as this take a toll on Troy’s disposition, and he grows into a hardened man, with major unresolved psychological issues that carry over into his adulthood and family life. Fortunately for Troy’s children, his wife, Rose, has a more kind and caring nature than that of her husband, and when their situation worsens, she takes charge. The two opposite personalities of Troy and Rose are the forces that push the play forward, and it is for their dreams and actions that the play is given its name. In one sense, the fence that Troy has been dragging his feet to finish resembles the family that, over the years, he has neglected; similarly, both are things that Rose has been begging for him to pay more attention to. In another sense, the fence is a symbol for a metaphorical barrier: for Troy, it is a barrier between his world at home and what he wants to keep away, and for Rose, it is a barrier between the world and what she wants to keep protected. The title represents various aspe... ... middle of paper ... ...for the gates of heaven to open for his father. First, he tries to blow a trumpet as a form of announcement, but when the trumpet sticks and no sound comes out, he begins dancing. The dance intensifies until a bright light shines on stage, just as the sun would as it shines from heaven, Gabriel feels that he is successful, that his father has been accepted and forgiven for all sins, and the play ends. “Some people build fences to keep people out….and other people build fences to keep people in.” (2.1.30) Without much pondering, it seems obvious to the viewer where the title is derived from; Troy and Cory are building the fence by their rundown home, and by the end of the play, it is completed. Even so, it goes beyond the physical representation and becomes something of great figurative importance, tying together a story of love, turmoil, forgiveness, and solitude.
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