Analysis: Dash Labs And Ford Motor Company

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New companies encounter various obstacles, particularly if it is a small business. Regardless of what each individual live their lives, he or she will require some assistance at a certain point in their life. Accepting assistance when needed is comparable to how Peng defined strategic alliance “a voluntary agreement of cooperation between firms” (2009, p.190). Dash Labs Inc. is a company founded in New York. This organization made products that included hardware devices and smartphone applications that provided current feedback pertaining to your motor vehicle such as how much gas has been used along with diagnosing your vehicles check engine light (Perez, 2014). When operating a business most people overlook their Christian values. As…show more content…
It might be a good idea for Dash Labs and Ford Motor Company to become allies with these inventions and take their products to the next level. With the Sync system, Ford has created it more for the entertainment and communication value. I purchased my Ford Escape one year ago and then when the salesman began to demonstrate the Sync system to me; I was sold on purchasing the car at that point. Not only is the system valuable in the entertainment and communications area, but it also contains a GPS system, voice command and along with trendy applications like Pandora. The Sync system has also been created with the ability to call 911 in case of an emergency. This technology has proven to be effective considering the fact that Ford is leading the way in manufacturing vehicles. Ford has built its company by catering to the needs and wants of consumers and valuing customer input on features that could improve their product. Bill Ford Jr. asserts, "We go further at Ford to meet the needs of our customers, the challenges of our industry and the issues confronting our world" (Ford,…show more content…
Dash will receive the greatest benefit from this alliance. Dash Lab has already began what can turn out to be a very successful business. Having a product that is of value to a customer is one of the key components in business sustainability. When customers feel that the product is a necessity and there are limited alternatives to your product could give your organization a competitive advantage. Because Ford Motor Company is already a well-established company, they may feel that it is not beneficial enough to the company to join forces. As stated in the Holy Bible, Proverbs 19:20 reads, “Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be

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