Analysis: Can You Do This Alone

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So far we’ve covered various genres, finding your creative source, differences between an agent and a manager, and creating an image for yourself as an artist. The topic I’ve chosen for this article is a tricky one, and it’s one that should be addressed earlier instead of later.
Can You Do This Alone?
There have been so many great musical acts throughout the years, from boy bands to pairs to rock bands. Simon & Garfunkel, 98 Degrees, Hall & Oates, The Temptations, Queen, The Beach Boys, U2, The Supremes, Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC are just a few of the most famous, chart-topping bands.
Though people often talk of how quickly groups like this can fall apart or disband, there are many examples of groups that have stayed together and remained successful throughout their careers.
Even if some of the
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Artists like Macklemore produce a large percentage of their own work, but every so often they’ll release a song where they’ve teamed up with an artist or two to produce a collaboration of sounds.
Collaboration is key to being an artist. Without it, we would not to be encouraged, challenged, or inspired by someone besides our own inner artists. When considering our own work, we artists tend to overthink, overanalyze, and pick apart. We’ll try too hard to come up with new ideas and eventually end up forcing a project for the sake of getting it done. That is why we need other people to encourage us and inspire us, and when we should just take a step back from the task.
Sometimes, you gain the best creative inspiration from someone who is not an artist. Most of the time, you’ll find your inspiration exists in the world around you. Collaboration doesn’t have to be just with other artists or other people. Collaboration means being willing to work with whatever and whoever. Sometimes that means paying attention to our surroundings and finding the art
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