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Bloop! You Got a Message! Bloop! You got a message. That noise one hears can be a bit annoying, but that is heard around the world and is very common. From simply texting on a phone to send a message, to in today’s society this has been integrated in our everyday lives. To think, there was a time where we had no choice, but to pay attention to the weather channel every day, not anymore! Technology resolves what we would consider challenging for one who has no time for themselves too stress-free. Access to technology has changed the way people handle their regular day. The Rise of Technology With the increase of technology, it gives rise to innovations beyond belief. One of the most important innovations of our time is the cell phones. Today, people can now use what would be considered as a computer during the 1900s, in the palm of our hands. The accessibility of the cell phone has instantly changed our way of life. We have indeed become…show more content…
People can now talk to one another with the need for confrontation, meaning anyone can talk to each other with little or no problem; therefore, people can build special bonds from a safe place, making people friendlier. There are fewer conflicts with now, than ever before. One can really get to know a person; such as, for getting a relationship with a special someone. Anybody can get to know anybody. People can easily know what someone like or dislikes, in return an individual can use it to their advantage. In theory, it should help get their special someone, they keep thinking about. Anybody’s secrets are safe with me As people get to know other people, on occasions, they will gossip and tell numerous secrets. This is especially easier, now than ever before. With the access of technology, people can speak to one another without anyone hearing them. No one would know the

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